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The unified world calendar displaying the symbols of the Zodiac archangels.

The Zodiac is a group of twelve archangels, each born to the corresponding twelve star constellations of the astrological signs, appointed to serve the winged rulers from generation to generation. Each member bears the symbol of their constellation, and their symbols are well-known even in the human world. The Zodiac are described as "sort of overseers in the overworld" by Meimona, who also says that they do not have many dealings with the commoners of the winged, and that they're "not very nice, to put it lightly".

There is a superstitious belief in the human world of assigning a person a guardian angel related to the Zodiac based on their birthdate, and according to the unified world calendar. In the calendar, each month is associated with one Zodiac member and with their symbol.

The Zodiac were established in the era of The Merciful, and an iteration has existed for every winged ruler henceforth. Currently, the fourth iteration of the Zodiac stand to serve Princess Cleu, after previously serving the late Prince Nile.

Some members of the Zodiac seem to oversee a faction of the winged overworld including its workers, such as the Valkyries and the Collapsers of the Nursing Fields.

Ranking System[]

A hierarchical system of power is followed within the Zodiac, ranking each member from one to twelve, with rank one being the highest and rank twelve the lowest. The rankings aid in issuing orders and settling disputes between the members through setting a clear line of authority across the group.

There are three rules followed in the Zodiac ranking system:

  1. A member of a lower rank must be the one to concede in any lengthy arguments.
  2. A member of a higher rank must prioritize forgiveness when a member of a lower rank commits a mistake.
  3. Every member obeys the winged prince or princess equally, regardless of their rank.

Enmity & Attachments[]

Zodiac Enmity and Zodiac Attachments are two concepts concerned with work relationships between different member pairs of the Zodiac. An enmity or attachment can be either one-sided, where a member targets another without reciprocation, or mutual, where two members' feelings of enmity or attachment is aligned.

Enmity is described as "strong opposition", and those feeling an enmity are said to work together best. In contrast, those feeling an attachment do not work well together. It is unknown what exactly makes a relationship one of enmity or of an attachment, although "enmity" implies negative feelings and "attachment" implies positive.

Current Zodiac Members[]

The current Zodiac members, grouped in ranking order from left (highest) to right (lowest).


  • The English word Zodiac derives from zōdiacus, the Latinized form of the Ancient Greek zōidiakòs kýklos, meaning "cycle/circle of little animals". The name reflects the prominence of animals and mythological hybrids among the twelve signs.
  • There exists a book called The Complete Zodiac Guide in Icicle Bay's library with information about the Zodiac, which can be found in {s} Icicle Bay Getaway. Examining the book with Meimona as a party leader prompts her to state some of the information provided in this page.
  • The Gemini twins are counted as a single member. They share one rank and one job title, they are listed as one in the enmity/attachment charts, and the Zodiac is called a group of twelve archangels rather than thirteen (which would be the case if the twins are counted separately).
  • The current Zodiac previously served Prince Nile, and he gave each member their name. Some of the members were given a nickname by Phoebe afterwards.
    • Although Orion is not a part of the Zodiac, they are listed alongside its members as "Outsider" and were even nicknamed by Phoebe. Some of the gallery images show Orion interacting with various Zodiac members.
    • In the same way, Princess Cleu is not a member of the Zodiac, but is listed alongside them as "Princess".