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Professor Zachery Lumen is a famous human scientist. He is the husband of Doctor Anise Lumen, and the father of three children: Ruby, Reed, and Mariya.

Zachery is currently said to be missing and to have disappeared around the time of the Barrier's creation. Although the royal officials of the human world claim that he is simply deceased, his son Reed believes otherwise. Both he and his sister Mariya have been working to uncover his whereabouts, searching for clues throughout the human and monster worlds.


His biography in Icicle Bay's library states that his career started unceremoniously but soon flourished. Princess Ruta seemed to hold him in high regard and was grateful for his efforts in leading scientific development of the human world. He soon stood as an equal with a human doctor named Anise L. and the two started working together, but remained secretive about their private lives. At one point after the peace treaty was formed, Prince Suvillan III personally sought help from Zachery in improving the medical care for monsters, which he agreed to. Zachery then began working with a team of his best students to fulfill the prince's request.

After the barrier was created, Zachery disappeared and his current whereabouts are unknown. According to the journalist in the same library, royal officials claim that he's simply dead, but a fair few of the human population believe that he's alive but missing.

A strange research proposal written by Zachery can be found in Icicle Bay's library. His proposal was rejected for citing fabricated references and having a weak basis, apparently the first and possibly only rejection in his career.

The proposal reads as follows.

"The body houses the soul. There exists a balance between the two that must never be disrupted. However, when it comes to the soul's window to the outside world, there is potential in supplementation... In augmenting the flesh. The body with additions to it, the alchemization of a being. With three, what can be seen? With four, what truth is there to learn? Once, a hopeless ruling queen in ancient times could not stop the warring of her nations. She sought wisdom, but nobody is to trust in a war besides oneself. So she turned to her being. She tore holes in her body. She received a gift of sight. Her abnormal new vision was the vision of a guide. She knew the path towards all that she needed in order to fulfill her goal, to stop the conflict of her people. She needn't rely on anyone but herself. That is the way towards prosperity. Man should strive towards the same end, to gain absolute power with total independence."

Zachery is later shown drawing a Venn diagram on a board indicating a relationship between Mind, Body, and Soul corresponding to Dreams, Reality, and Truth.


  • Zachery is derived from the Hebrew זכר (zakhar), and means “God remembers”.
  • Lumen comes from the Latin words lux and mensura, and means "measure of light."


  • Zachery seems to have neglected his children in their youth, through prioritizing his work and completely separating it from family matters.