The Winged are one of four main races in Oceanfalls, signified by the suit of clubs and associated with the color green.

They are physically distinct from Humans and Monsters largely due to sporting animal wings on various parts of their body. Other features include piercing golden eyes, darker skin, and hair coming exclusively in warmer tones.[1]

They are currently ruled by Princess Cleu, and their territory largely consists of the Winged Overworld, a sprawling kingdom built atop a sheet of clouds in the upper atmosphere.

Racial Features Edit

Wings Edit

Every Winged is born with a set of wings. They often appear in an avian form, however cases of those with insect or bat wings are not uncommon. Wing placements may also vary between individuals, the majority having their wings placed in the center of the back, though few may have their wings placed on other parts of their body such as the head or feet.

Interestingly, it is possible for a Winged to be born with more than two wings. When this happens, each additional wing will go on to randomly replace one of the Winged's arms and legs. However, this phenomenon is largely seen as a tragic birth deformity, causing many individuals with this condition to lead very harsh lives.

Halos Edit


A newborn winged with their halo.

Aside from their wings, what the Winged are best known for among the other races is their uniqueness in possessing more than one special ability. This secondary ability is known as their 'Divinity', otherwise known as their ability to fly, and is outwardly expressed through their halos. A fully intact halo allows the Winged to fly as freely as they wish while a broken halo has been implied to heavily limit a Winged's mobility,[2] and the loss of a halo leaves one unable to fly at all.[3]

From birth, a Winged's halo takes the form of a simple ring in the color of the brightest star of their patron constellation, which may then change shape as they mature. However, a Winged's halo may never change color unless the star it represents advances into the next stage of its lifespan, such as turning into a black hole.[4]

Angelic Titles Edit

Angelic Titles are special designations granted to Winged from a young age by their peers, destined to eventually tie in with their special ability.[5] Often these titles tend to be rather vague in nature, causing Winged abilities to be rather abstract in nature when compared to the abilities of Humans and Monsters.

Reproduction Edit

Winged reproduction is highly different compared to traditional forms of reproduction. For a Winged to be born, a person must have a thought filled with so much emotion that it is strong enough to reach the stars. This thought can be either conscious or unconscious, with no limits as to the subject of the thought or the race of the thinker. Once this thought reaches the stars, they are then molded into the shape of a young Winged. After this, the child enters the world by descending onto the Nursing Fields in the 'darkest hour of night time'. Due to the generalized nature of these requirements, this allows thousands if not millions of Winged children to be born every night.[6]

Society Edit


The Winged Overworld

Geography Edit

The Overworld is a large kingdom located in the upper atmosphere. Cities and towns appear to be built atop separate islands of cloud, connected to each other by various bridges. Many buildings, particularly in what is assumed to be the winged capital, appear similar to Egyptian pyramids.

It is currently unknown what keeps the Overworld aloft.

Government Edit

Like humans and monsters, winged society is ruled by a singular Prince or Princess. When the current ruler dies, another candidate is swiftly chosen to take their place.

Due to the nature of winged reproduction, it is unknown how each new ruler is chosen, though it is speculated that one of the prerequisites is being born from the constellation Ophiuchus.

Culture Edit

Observations Edit

  • Red Tulip Town has a large pool, where monsters can pray for Winged to grant their wishes. According to superstition if one wishes particularly hard, the wish may then travel to the stars where the Winged may then grant their prayers. This is obviously a misconception related to how a young Winged is born.
  • Interestingly enough, it appears that a Winged's special ability can unconsciously affect their lives as early as moments after birth, as shown with Meimona.

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References Edit

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