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The unified world calendar's month names, as shown in {S} Icicle Bay Getaway.

This page is an attempt to list and estimate a timeline of notable events mentioned throughout the story of Oceanfalls, such as important births, deaths, wars, and etc.

Dates listed are according to the in-universe calendar.

Rule of the Beginning (0 - 500)[]

Year 0[]


  • The Beginning establishes herself as the first Celestial queen of all humans, monsters, and winged.
  • The Beginning divides the Midworld between humans and monsters.[2]
  • The first Human-Monster War takes place.

Year 500[]

  • The Beginning dies and is buried beneath the Liriodendron tree.

Rule of the Cunning (500 - 1000)[]

Year 500[]

Year 1000[]

  • The Cunning dies and is buried beneath the Liriodendron tree.

Rule of the Unseen (1000 - 1500)[]

Year 1000[]

Year 1500[]

  • The Unseen dies and is buried beneath the Liriodendron tree.

Rule of the Reformer (1500 - 2000)[]

Year 1500[]


  • The Serpent-Blooded Mandate is instated, declaring that all future winged rulers shall be of those born from the Ophiuchus and Serpens constellations.
  • The Rutacea bloodline is established.

Year 2000[]

  • The Reformer dies and is buried beneath the Liriodendron tree.

Rule of the Merciless (2000 - 2500)[]

Year 2000[]


  • The Merciless wipes out the reigning human, monster, and winged royal bloodlines for unknown reasons.

Year 2500[]

  • The Merciless dies and is buried beneath the Liriodendron tree.

Rule of the Unnatural (2500 - 3000)[]

Year 2500[]

Year 3000[]

  • The Unnatural dies and is buried beneath the Liriodendron tree.

Rule of the Herald (3000 - 3500)[]

Year 3000[]

Year 3500[]

  • The Herald dies and is buried beneath the Liriodendron tree.

Rule of the Merciful (3500 - 4000)[]

Year 3500[]


Year 4000[]

  • The Merciful dies and is buried beneath the Liriodendron tree.

Rule of the Vibrant (4000 - 4500)[]

Year 4000[]

Year 4403[]

Year 4413[]

  • A peace treaty between humans and monsters is signed and subsequently broken at a later date.[4]

Year 4480[]

Year 4500[]

  • The Vibrant dies and is buried beneath the Liriodendron tree.

Rule of the Queen (4500 - )[]

Year 4500[]

Year 4504[]

20th of Golden Land

Year 4505[]

17th of Jade Harvest

Year 4506[]

25th of Sapphire Hail

17th of Ruby Flames

Year 4510[]

7th of Ruby Blaze

1st of Golden Land

Year 4511[]

11th of Ruby Sear

Year 4513[]

17th of Jade Harvest

  • Princess Ruta and Prince Suvillan III sign a peace treaty between their races.[12]
  • A decade of peace between humans and monsters starts.[13]

Decade of Peace (Year 4513-4523)[]

  • The last winged prince, Nile Serpens, passes away after the decade of peace starts.[12]
  • Cleu Ophiuchus is crowned Princess.
  • At some point during the decade of peace, Prince Suvillan III requested help in improving medical care in the monster world from Prof. Zachery.[14]
  • In the latter years of the decade of peace, tension between humans and monsters starts to rise again.

Year 4523[]

  • The peace treaty is breached.[15]
  • At some point before that breach, Princess Ruta secretly passed the throne to her son Ruit Sapindale and remained a ruler in name only.[15]
  • The war after the Decade of Peace takes place.[15]
  • Ruta Sapindale is killed by Suvillan III.[15]
  • Suvillan III is killed by Lady Oshen.[15]
  • Maya Elwyn dies and is buried in Red Tulip Town's graveyard.[16]
  • The Great Flood begins, with heavy and continuous rains covering the Human Kingdom for five months, causing the sea levels to rise.[17]
  • The Queen's coronation ceremony takes place.[18]
  • Corona escapes to the Monster Kingdom.
  • Kaji Pyxis is banished to the Midworld.[19]
  • Lady Oshen creates the Barrier and dome, then dies due to overexerting her ability.[20]
  • Prof. Zachery allegedly dies.
  • Latona A. Xayasith has a breakdown and quits writing for good.[21]
  • Aria Elwyn begins living in Red Tulip Town disguised as a monster and befriends Kotori.

25th of Golden Land

  • A decennial renewal of the treaty between humans and seafolk took place. On the same day, seafolk began working with the Sea Patrol in Icicle Bay.

Year 4526[]

  • The barrier is breached[22] by Corona[23], and war takes place.
  • Prince Suvillan IV attempts to assassinate Prince Ruit, but fails.[22]
  • The human world suffers heavy casualties.[22]
  • Nino starts to take up sword training around this period.

Year 4528[]

  • Aria invites[24] Kotori to her home.
  • Meimona begins living in Icicle Bay.[25]

Year 4529 (current year[26])[]

15th of Jade Harvest

  • Nino wakes up[27] in the monster world.

17th of Jade Harvest

  • It will be Suvillan IV's 24th birthday.


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