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"It shall stand to commemorate the past, for the future must learn well from hundreds of failures."
— The Vibrant's character bio[[src]]

The Vibrant was the 9th celestial monarch, reigning during the years 4023-4500. Her rule was preceded by the Merciful and succeeded by the Prosperous.

Her closest winged companions were the seven Pleiades, who currently watch over the Prosperous in her stead.


During her reign, the Vibrant commissioned the construction of the Grand Library, gathering many of the three worlds' literature and history into one place where the monarchs and their companions may easily access.

At some point before her death, she used her abilities to imbue the Prosperous with an aura that makes any sapient being unable to harm her. She apparently did this due to wishing to look after her successor, despite the two never being able to meet.


  • During her era, the moon was orange-colored and nighttime was called the "Hours of merry sleep".