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The Unseen was the 3rd celestial monarch, reigning during the years 1000-1500. His rule was preceded by that of the Cunning and succeeded by the Reformer.


During his reign, war raged between humans and monsters across the Midworld. Due to the natural strength of monster abilities, humanity's numbers began to rapidly dwindle until one human was driven to seek his intervention. The Unseen then blessed several human warriors, gifting them powerful abilities with which to protect humankind from extinction. These would then go on to become the first Umbra.

His blood seems to have a variety of special properties, which he appears to have used to give the Umbra clan their powerful abilities. A supply of his blood, known as the 'Shadow Blood,' is now one of many heirlooms passed down from monarch to monarch.

Interestingly, he seems to have been a very solitary individual, hence his title and lack of any winged companions, with the exception of one Umbran with whom he appears to have regularly exchanged correspondence. Their exchanges have since been collected in The Compiled Letters of a King to an Umbran, one of many works detailing the lives of monarchs kept in the moon's Grand Library.


  • During his era, the moon was dark purple-colored and nighttime was called the "Hours of the Shadow Crescent".
  • The circlet crown he's depicted with was originally worn by the Beginning, and is currently taken by the Queen.