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"Let us descend and cleanse by hand this little earth."
— The Reformer's character bio[[src]]

The Reformer was the 4th celestial monarch, reigning during the years 1500-2000. Her rule was preceded by that of the Unseen and succeeded by the Merciless.

Her closest winged companion was the former prince Roh Apus, who worked as her advisor.


During her reign, it appears that certain members of the Umbra clan were nearly successful in using their abilities to attain immortality. Fearing that the humans would then attempt to challenge the monarchy itself, the Reformer sealed the abilities of the Umbra clan using her own blood, and possibly the blood of her predecessor as well.

The ritual that she used to accomplish this, the 'Shadow Seal,' is now one of many heirlooms passed down from monarch to monarch.

Little else is currently known about her.


  • During her era, the moon was pink-colored and nighttime was called "Blooming Hours".