The Queen is the current reigning celestial queen of the three worlds, starting from the year 4523. She is the ruler of every world, and the overlord of all princes and princesses.

She resides on the moon and controls the day-night cycle via maintaining the balance between the sun and moon's cycles.

She is the tenth monarch, having been preceded by the Vibrant.

Appearance Edit

The Queen has long blonde hair with bangs that cover her right eye. She has a long, zagged horn atop her head, a heart-shaped golden-white halo, and four white wings protruding from her back.

Her facial features are constantly obscured in her in-comic appearances, and outright not depicted in Kaji's paintings. However, the frames of one animated panel reveal her face, showing that she has yellow irises with long eyelashes.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

The Queen is rather young, having only recently assumed her duties as ruler of the worlds. According to Kaji, she was the first person he saw after birth, as he was to be appointed as her best friend and guide.

Sometime in her youth, she entertained a visit from the author Latona A. Xayasith, who had come to find inspiration for her writings. The Queen was delighted, and continued being a big fan of Latona's writing long after she disappeared from the spotlight and quit writing for good.

One day, it had seemed that the Queen had disappeared to the Midworld with no warning whatsoever and Kaji was dispatched to find her. However, no matter where he looked or how much he used his powers, he could not locate the Queen.

Not long after, she assumed her duties as ruler and took the sun and moon into her hands. However, sensing doubt in the heart of her most faithful servant, banished Kaji to the Midworld, leaving him without memories and without his divinity.

Personality Edit

In her younger years the Queen was described as being very childish compared to her predecessors, often shirking her studies for the opportunity to play and go hide-and-seek. She was also very curious and deeply interested in the lives of humans and monsters, sometimes running off to the Midworld to see for herself what it was like down there.

Observations Edit

  • She is the only character for whom the narration is in first person, and sounds like she speaks directly through it.
  • She seems to have some physical resemblance to the first monarch, the Beginning.
  • She appears to have the ability to wipe memories, as evidenced by Kaji's forced amnesia.
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