The Moon, also known as the Crescent or Night Lights, is the home of the Celestials as well as the Queen's seat of power.

Unlike Earth's moon, the moon in Oceanfalls is not shaped like a white sphere but a yellow crescent, and is perfectly habitable. Interestingly, the trees and grass on the moon are all in shades of gold rather than green.

The Liriodendron Edit


The Liriodendron tree is what all celestials are born from. A young celestial is supposedly born from a bloom hanging from the branches of the tree, with each flower's color specifically corresponding to its respective celestial.

When a celestial dies, their flower wilts whilst still retaining its vibrant color and the sepals fall off. The body is then buried in the soil beneath the Liriodendron, giving life and nutrients to their ancient parent and the new celestials that will come after them.

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