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The Merciless was the 5th celestial monarch, reigning during the years 2000-2500. His rule was preceded by that of the Reformer and succeeded by the Unnatural.

His closest winged companion was Dion Crater, who worked as his cup-bearer.


Towards the end of his life, the Merciless seems to have pursued a relationship with the human princess Ruth Rutacea, though she eventually died a violent death. In his grief, he began to seek out ways to quell the pain of her loss.

In his last days, he called for the death of Princess Medusa for an unknown crime, decapitating her with the Grassblade. His final act in life was to slaughter all living humans, monsters, and winged in an event known as the Purge, leaving the world barren of all life.

In order to for it to retain the abilities of Princess Medusa's petrifying sight, the Merciless had her head preserved. It eventually became one of many heirlooms passed down from monarch to monarch.


  • The Merciless seems to be the opposite of the Merciful, both in appearance and title.
  • During his era, the moon was maroon-colored and nighttime was called "Cursed Nights".