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"Punishments exist to ward evil before it is even thought of, rather than to give any second chances."
— The Merciful's character bio[[src]]

The Merciless was the 8th celestial monarch, reigning during the years 3523-4000. His rule was preceded by the Herald and succeeded by the Vibrant.

His closest winged companion was Olivia Triangulum, who worked as an equerry, his personal attendant.


At some point during his reign, it appears that an unspecified number of winged were deemed guilty of heinous crimes, causing the Merciful to create a torture device known as the Dewinger. He apparently did this to ensure the prevention of actions that do not concern "purity, divinity, status, or even personal safety."

The Dewinger is now one of many heirlooms passed down from monarch to monarch.


The Merciful is described as an amiable, innovative king, though he appears to have had a more ruthless side as well.


  • The Merciful seems to be the opposite of the Merciless, both in appearance and title.
  • During his era, the moon was lightly sandy-colored and nighttime was called the "Blessed Nights".