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"Telling someone what you don't trust them for is a suicidal move."
— Suvillan, to Solis[[src]]

Prince Suvillan Eious IV, or simply Suvillan, is the 34th ruler of the Monster World, and the 4th under the Suvillan Eious lineage to take the throne. He is the current reigning monster ruler from 4523, and was preceded by his father, Suvillan III.

In his time as ruler, he is known for having rebuilt the monster world after the end of the Human-Monster War.

His ability is unknown.

His mastery level is unknown.

He does not use a weapon besides manifesting his monster claws.


Suvillan has bright red eyes, white hair with messy bangs, and an inwardly facing hooked horn with a shape similar to a harpoon. His normal attire consists of a short-sleeved white button-up over a long-sleeved umber turtleneck, long black pants, and a pair of pointy-toed black shoes.

In his youth, he also wore a long brown cloak, similar to his father's, on diplomatic visits to the human world.


Suvillan appears friendly, but his smile can quickly turn frightening at a moment's notice, especially if he's angered.

Suvillan dislikes being lied to, no matter how little, and no matter the reasons. He reprimands Solis for lying to him due to fear of Kotori or Corona being harmed, and instructs him to simply be honest and not let even friendships get in the way of telling the truth ever again. Suvillan apparently values this type of honesty the highest.

He has a rather rigid belief in each person having a given role in maintaining the monster world as it is, and is not pleased whenever he perceives that someone is overstepping the boundaries of their expected role. Suvillan states that even if someone merely looks at another person's role, they would be coveting something they do not have a right to, and he does not approve of such an action.

Suvillan always keeps his suspicions about him, even when it comes to the people closest to himself. He had appointed spies on Corona, Solis, and Kotori, an action that deeply hurt Solis' pride in being trusted by Suvillan. When confronted about it, Suvillan's responses to Solis are rather hurtful, but he ultimately leads Solis on to realize that Suvillan doesn't give away his trust to others easily. To Suvillan, mistakes are extremely costly, no matter from whom. He holds Solis to the promise of honesty, and states that if the promise is broken one more time in this last second chance, he'll never be able to believe Solis ever again. Suvillan does not tell people what he cannot trust them for, believing it to be a "suicidal move". Because of this, Suvillan does not have a trusted confidant in the same way Prince Ruit does, nor does he forgive the mistakes of others as easily.


Suvillan was born to his father, Prince Suvillan III, and an unknown commoner maid in the years before the peace treaty, making him only half-noble blooded. Suvillan was mistreated badly due to being an illegitimate child from his father's affair with a commoner. Monsters were offended that Suvillan became the heir instead of Suvillan III's other child, a legitimate daughter born to Princess Envie. Suvillan was insulted every day as a result, and had a lonely childhood until he met Solis, the only one who defied the norm and stuck by Suvillan's side. The two became childhood friends, and Solis remained as one of Suvillan's very first supporters.

Later, Suvillan was able to experience the brief decade of peace between the two races, accompanying his father on diplomatic visits to the Human Kingdom. During these years, Suvillan would often display a very timid and reserved attitude, a stark contrast to his current personality.

When Suvillan III died, Suvillan IV took over the throne and rebuilt the devastated monster world for monsterkind. As a result, the people who once shunned him for his illegitimacy were forced to cling to the hope he showed them, and had no choice but to accept him as their new leader. Some monsters who formerly served Suvillan III still show a distaste for Suvillan IV years after the fact, but Suvillan IV initially does not seem to mind the attitude, and even allows them to keep their positions as servants. Rather, he allows it only because he enjoys seeing such people forced to submit to his authority, taking it as a satisfying compensation for living through years of being shunned as a child.



Corona is the "right hand" to Suvillan, and the closest of the servants and guards to him. The two frequently work together very closely. This relationship is reflected in how monsterkind views them, and in Corona stating that she is half the reason the monster world still exists as it does nowadays with the other half being Suvillan himself.

Suvillan with Corona, Solis, and Kotori shortly after the end of the war

After the war of the treaty breach, Suvillan met Corona at some point, who had departed from the winged overworld and arrived to the aftermath of war in the monster world. Suvillan took Corona in to live among the monsters, and soon enough Suvillan's notable group of himself, Corona, Kotori, and Solis, was formed. It is implied that Suvillan gave Corona her angelic title during that time as well. When Suvillan addressed the residents of the monster world and swore to protect them from humankind, Corona stood by his side in support.

Since Corona is the only person able to breach the barrier, Suvillan calls her something special for monsterkind, and it's another reason he keeps Corona close. Corona is also a trusted confidant of Suvillan's with whom he shares war strategies. Suvillan exchanges ideas about a possible attempt on a second barrier breach with Corona alone, and does not hesitate to rely on her to do the job yet again.

Although Corona is still a servant of Suvillan's, they don't act formally with each other, instead the two are more like casual friends. Suvillan seems to generally entertain Corona's impish antics and even participates in sometimes, such as in teasing Solis, or even teasing Corona herself. However, he becomes strict with Corona if she ever makes him seriously annoyed, as shown when she gave him a fake report about Nino and Aria. Suvillan states that he does not tolerate any room for mistakes when it comes to humans, and it seems not even Corona is an exception. According to Corona herself, Suvillan being upset with her specifically is an extremely rare occurrence on Suvillan's part.


Suvillan is initially shown to treat Kotori somewhat kindly, despite her low position as a guard of Red Tulip Town. He has offered Kotori many higher positions and she rejected all of them, to Suvillan's disappointment. Suvillan seems to worry about her to a degree, bringing in Solis and Corona as reinforcements to assist her in dealing with the very dangerous "mosquito" human, rather than letting her handle the task alone.

Suvillan seems extremely concerned with potential of humans in the monster world, and Kotori's apparent mistakes with Aria and Nino plus the subsequent lies to cover it up seriously angered Suvillan and harmed his trust in Kotori. Although he was sparingly kind in interacting with Kotori at first, after her mistakes he turns around to subtly threatening her to follow his orders and kill Aria, in order to earn back his trust. Yet, Suvillan does say that there is no way Kotori would ever betray him, and imposes this fact on her and on the others, even saying he's hurt that they'd doubt it at all. After Suvillan falsely perceives that Kotori did what he asked her to, he returns to treating her as kindly as before, even calling her the "most loyal of servants". Overall, he seems to go back and forth with his treatment of Kotori, but believes that her loyalty won't be lost so easily regardless of what happens.


Suvillan refers to Solis as "the most coherent", and likely trusts him more than Kotori and Corona to tell the truth as an informant. He calls Solis a model servant as well since he's "good at knowing [his] place". Suvillan is shown to greatly dislike dishonesty, and to prefer Solis' upfront way, but he also dislikes it if Solis complains too much. Solis himself initially hesitated about Corona's plan to lie to Suvillan, proving that Suvillan's trust in him to tell the truth isn't fully misplaced. Yet even though Solis prefers to be honest with Suvillan, in the end he chooses to lie in order to keep Kotori and Corona's safety, showing that Solis believes Suvillan to be a serious threat if he's angered to an extreme degree after all.

Solis and Suvillan have known each other for years, the former having been assigned as the Prince's personal guard from a young age. As a result, the two were rather close as children, though it is likely that their relationship became strained during the Decade of Peace as Solis grew to be good friends with Ruit. However, as Solis remained by his side during the war and after it, Suvillan still maintains a deep-seated trust and understanding with Solis as his Royal Tactician.

Prince Ruit[]

Suvillan calls Ruit "the one [he] hates so much". Although direct interaction hasn't been shown between the two, it's observable that they are opposite to each other in many aspects. In their younger years as respective heirs to Suvillan III and Ruta, Suvillan was very timid over his position, while Ruit was aloof, uncaring, and rude. Some of the gallery images and short comics show Ruit being antagonistic towards Suvillan during these teen years. Later, while Ruit inherited the rule of the human world from his mother properly while it was still intact, Suvillan had no such treatment from his father, and instead had to rebuild a "dead world" as his own with the help of Corona. It may be the case that Suvillan had to work harder to fulfill his position as a prince than Ruit did, but both are still largely adored by the residents of their worlds.

The opposition between their parents as former monsterkind and humankind rulers is also present between Suvillan and Ruit themselves, and prominently enough that it is depicted in the monster world's propaganda posters. The two have directly faced each other in the barrier breach war, where Suvillan was aiming to assassinate Ruit who was assisted by Lune. Though Suvillan's assassination attempt failed, in his conversation with Corona about a second breach he plans to directly target Ruit yet again. Suvillan seems fully intent on dealing with Ruit once and for all if the time comes.


  • Suvillan's complexion is extremely pale; the palest of all the characters shown so far, save for Five. This, along with his white hair and red eyes, is incredibly reminiscent of albinism.
  • Suvillan enjoys alphabet soup.
  • He seems to have a way of detecting humans depending on how powerful they are, the more powerful they are, he gets a worse headache, akin to mosquitos in his head. Powerful humans so far are implied to be Nino and Reed. The reason for Reed is due to his barrier technology but the reasoning for Nino is unknown. It is currently unknown if the occurrence is due to an ability or other possible means.
  • Suvillan dislikes when people confuse his name for the human name Sullivan.
  • There are several posters in the Cave of Illusions depicting Prince Ruit, two of which also include drawings of Suvillan. In one, he is shown impaling Ruit with a spear while surrounded by roses; and described as "Perfect in every way" in the other. This propaganda may have been for the monsters living in human lands or the seafolk.
  • Suvillan's birthday falls on the same day as the webcomic's anniversary, 5/17.
    • In the story that makes him a Gemini, but in real life that would make him a Taurus.
  • Suvillan is implied to have a party of his own that is similar to Nino's, composed of himself, Kotori, Corona, and Solis. His party is associated with the sun.
  • Nights has stated that Suvillan has photosensitivity.
  • Suvillan seems to have spies scattered around the monster kingdom, yet he seems to not have noticed when Kotori and her ensemble lied about Aria not having escaped from the prison.
  • In Suvillan's throne room, a set of three portraits depicts Princess Cleu, Prince Suvillan himself, and Prince Ruit, in order.
    • The portrait of Ruit is smashed. The broken area is on the portrait's left eye, the eye which Ruit currently covers with an eyepatch.