Solis Ardor is a monster who serves as the Royal Tactician under Prince Suvillan IV.

He apparently used to be a part of a human-monster research group in his teenage years.

He currently lives in an unknown town with his younger aunt and uncle. Occasionally, he also babysits his little cousin for his older aunt.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Solis has narrow maroon-colored eyes with two long lashes beneath each one, dark skin, two sharp fangs, and straight shoulder-length black hair with three long bangs. He wears an orange headband separating his horn and bangs from the rest of his hair, which seems to be a standard accessory style around his hometown. His horn is angled pointing to the back at a straight 90-degree angle. He wears a work outfit consisting of a mid-sleeved baggy orange turtleneck shirt, and a dark orange sash tied around it on his waist. Under it, he wears a pair of grey pants and grey square shoes.

When agitated, he brandishes dark black claws around his forearms.

When he was in his teens, his hair was shorter, reaching only mid-neck length. His signature three-part bangs were the same. He had a more lax attitude, as he is shown to generally smile more and partake in friendly pastime activities such as playing chess with Lune. He also used to hang out with Corona and Kotori, something he refuses to do nowadays.

History[edit | edit source]

Working at the Lab[edit | edit source]

During the Decade of Peace, Solis was an intern at a human-monster collaborative genetic research group, though the goals of the project are unknown.

He appeared to have had a nice time in the Lab, having made friends with his fellow interns, the human prince-to-be and his personal guard, and even one of the test subjects, a young monster called Five.

The Human-Monster War[edit | edit source]

Sadly, these happy days would not last as war began to break out between humans and monsters in earnest. The Lab was destroyed and Solis was forced into the role of a loyal servant to the crown, having to leave his human friends behind as the war dragged on.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Solis is a young man with a serious outlook on people and situations around him, very quick to express exasperation at anything he deems pointless.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Corona Andromede[edit | edit source]

Solis and Corona initially had a very close relationship, the two along with Kotori forming a trio of close friends following the human-monster war.

However, as Corona began to grow more involved in Prince Suvillan's military preparations for the upcoming War of the Barrier Breach, the two's relationship began to become more strained, leaving Solis to feel like he was being left behind.

Nowadays, the two aren't exactly as close as they once were but are often found together as coworkers in the Prince's royal court.

Kotori[edit | edit source]

Kotori, alongside Corona, became one of Solis' closest friends in the wake of the human-monster war. Kotori would often ask Solis hundreds of questions and ask him to show her things, while Solis would fondly indulge her the best he could. Ultimately, her presence would become like a balm to his loneliness at having left his life in the human world behind. This eventually led to the two forming a romantic relationship.

However, this relationship did not last as Kotori broke up with him sometime after. Following this, she appeared to undergo a major shift in personality, growing more distant and reserved. She began to treat things more coldly and used many opportunities to decline spending time with both him and Corona. This caused their relationship to deteriorate even more and causing them to argue often.

"Sis"[edit | edit source]

Solis first met Sis during his time at the Lab. Though not explicitly shown in-comic, various artworks show that the two appeared to be very close, with Solis potentially harboring romantic feelings for the other intern. Following the declaration of war, however, the two were separated and were unable to meet again.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

  • Solis is a Spanish name derived from the Latin sol, or sun.
    • In early history it was initially believed that the morning and evening star were two separate celestial bodies, later being named Venus (morning star) and Solis (evening star).
    • This continues the Ardor family's sun-themed naming scheme.
  • Ardor is a word that means enthusiasm, or passion. It is derived from the Latin ardere, meaning 'to burn.'
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