Solis is a monster who serves prince Suvillan, and shows extreme loyalty in doing so. He is a young man with a serious outlook on people and situations around him, very quick to express exasperation at anything he deems pointless. He used to work as a simple paralegal, a job he greatly disliked, but is now one of Suvillan's closest subordinates with the position of the royal tactician. His ability is unknown, but likely to be related to fire. He used to be in a relationship with Kotori.

Appearance Edit

Solis has all the standard features of monsters. He has red eyes, which are normally narrow and with a sharp gaze, giving him a natural serious look. He has two long eyelashes beneath each eye, a feature unique to him. He has two sharp fangs, easily visible whenever he speaks. He has dark skin, and pitch black hair that falls straight and comes to curls at the ends. His hair is a little over shoulder length, and his bangs are very long, with three parts framing his face, one on each side coming to circular curves, and one falling straight in the middle. He wears an orange headband separating his horn and bangs from the rest of his hair, which seems to be a standard accessory style around his hometown. His horn is angled pointing to the back at a straight 90 degree angle. He wears a work outfit consisting of a mid-sleeved baggy orange shirt with a high collar, and a dark orange sash tied around it on his waist. Under it, he wears a pair of grey pants and grey square shoes.

When agitated, he brandishes dark black claws around his forearms.

When he was in his teens, his hair was shorter, reaching only mid-neck length. His signature three-part bangs were the same. He had a more lax attitude, as he is shown to generally smile more and partake in friendly pastime activities such as playing chess with Lune. He also used to hang out with Corona and Kotori, something he refuses to do nowadays.

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