Selene Aylin Venus is a human who serves as the Royal Advisor of Prince Ruit. She holds great influence over the politics, laws, and media of the Human Kingdom, and appears to be somewhat in charge of government propaganda.

When not busy with her duties, she also doubles as a popular singer, movie star, and celebrity.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Selene has bright blue eyes and wavy blonde hair often done up in a stylish side ponytail with bangs. Her royal attire consists of a high-necked magenta capelet and sleeveless coat with golden buttons and accents over black leggings. She also wears a golden belt and magenta over-the-knee high-heeled boots, as well as magenta hoop bracelets and earrings.

In a flashback with Kaji Pyxis, she is shown wearing more masculine attire consisting of a white blouse, magenta suit, and matching fedora all with golden buttons.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

  • Selene is the name of the Greek titan goddess of the moon.
  • Aylin is derived from the Turkish Ay, meaning moon. The name's meaning is often debated, but a popular one is 'belonging to the moon.'
  • Venus is the Roman goddess of beauty, love, power, and the morning star.

Observations[edit | edit source]

  • There is a popular animated series in the Human Kingdom named Galactic Princess Selene, whose main character appears to be a pluckier and bubblier catgirl version of Selene herself. Interestingly, Nino seems to be a big fan.
  • In most of her appearances, she is shown to have blue eyes. However, a recent update shows her to have green eyes. Given the fact that she also has blue eyes in the shoujo animesque vision in the same update, it's likely that her blue eyes may just be the result of her wearing contacts.
  • Selene seems to enjoy drinking, as shown in a flashback with Kaji.
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