Princess Ruta Sapindale was the 56th ruler of the Human Kingdom, and the 6th of the Sapindale family to take the throne. She reigned from 4503 - 4523, after which she was succeeded by her son, Ruit Sapindale.

In her time as ruler, she was known for bringing about the Peace Treaty between humans and monsters as well as the restoration of honor to the Umbra clan.

Following her death in the Human-Monster War, Ruit came into power as the humanity's leader following the War's end and the erection of the Barrier.

Appearance Edit

Princess Ruta had blue eyes with diamond-shaped pupils, long dark blue hair tied in a loose bun using a sapphire flower accessory with a gold chain, as well as a beauty mark below the right corner of her mouth. Her attire consisted of a dark blue dress with bright blue puffy shoulders, long sleeves, and gold accents. She also wore a gold-colored cape with a blue diamond clip, a golden three-pronged tiara, and indigo flats.

History Edit

Ruta was born in the year 4450 and soon became the 56th ruler of the Human Kingdom and 6th of the Sapindales to take the throne.

In the days of war she was a frightening warrior, being described as 'bringing a terror of endless bloody rain' by her monster opponents. For this, she became known as Ruta the Ruthless and was feared for her might.

Following the birth of her son, however, she was said to have mellowed out; after a failed assassination attempt on Ruit's life, she began to seek out peaceful alternatives to the war. However, such thoughts were met with great opposition from her commanders and advisors until the Lady Oshen stepped in to vouch for her.

Her efforts won out in the year 4513, when a peace treaty between humans and monsters was made for the very first time in a century, signed by herself and Prince Suvillan III.

In the brief era of peace that followed, Ruta became a figure of great kindness, working towards the cooperation and coexistence of the two races. It was in this period that Ruta restored the reputation of the Umbra clan, enlisting them as fierce protectors of the Royal Family.

After a decade, war broke out fiercely once more, to the point that 'nobody could intervene to stop it this time, not even any Winged.' In the midst of all this, fearing for the stability of her kingdom, Ruta secretly passed the throne to her son, becoming a ruler in all but name. This would have been unthinkable, as Ruit had not been of age at the time, but soon proved to be necessary following her death at the hands of Suvillan III.

Etymology Edit

  • Ruta is the Polish form of the Hebrew name Ruth, meaning "friend."
    • Ruta is also the name of a genus of European strong-scented herbs and undershrubs.
  • Sapindale is an order of woody flowering plants, including but not limited to: maple, citrus, mahogany, cashews, frankincense, and myrrh

Observations Edit

  • In the only two panels in which she has been shown so far, Ruta appears to have diamond-shaped pupils. It is unknown if this is merely a stylistic choice or not, but it could mean that Ruta has a form of coloboma, making her pupils appear as diamonds instead of circles.
  • Even in times of peace it appeared that she and Suvillan III often butted heads with each other, often being unable to stay in the same room for long before her mood began to sour.
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