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"We are different. Monsters are not as resourceful. And, Prince Suvillan does not have as much room as I do to take risks. If I were in his position, I would think acting again this soon is a suicidal move for myself... for my world. As much as I hate to imagine myself in that ruffian's shoes, every ruler places the wellbeing of what's important to them first and foremost."
— Ruit on Suvillan IV's likely actions after the War of the Barrier Breach[[src]]

Prince Ruit Sapindale is the 57th ruler of the Human World, and the 7th of the Sapindale family to take the throne. He is the current reigning human ruler from 4523, and was preceded by his mother, Ruta Sapindale.

His ability is unknown, but he appears to make objects float with something like psychokinesis.

His mastery level is unknown.

His weapon of choice is a trident.


Ruit has blue eyes, very long dark blue hair tied into a ponytail, and wears a blue eye patch over his missing left eye. His attire consists of a long-sleeved white button-up with blue cuffs and gold accents. He also wears a dark blue cape with a blue diamond clip. His pupils are diamond-shaped like his mother.


Initially, he is described as a very strict ruler who "makes lots of laws and rules" by Nino. This is later revealed to be merely a carefully constructed public image for Ruit, made through the efforts of Selene, his royal advisor. In reality, Ruit has trouble being strict with others, and struggles to hold himself to the high standards suitable for a ruler. Still, Ruit did instate "laws and rules" as Nino says, one of which is the law against trespassers who cross the barrier.

Ruit puts a lot of weight into not taking the services of those around him for granted, in particular Kaji's and Lune's. He treats soldiers and servants kindly, which is seen as a weakness for a ruler. Ruit realizes the fact, and desperately wants to live up to the image of a cold, domineering leader, although his methods of doing so are rather ineffective. He appears to have a low opinion of himself


As an heir and upcoming ruler, he was often busy with lessons and training as is normal for those of royal lineage.

Ruit became the ruler of humanity before he was of age. His actions as a ruler include stopping the ongoing rain and subsequent flood that affected the human world after Princess Ruta died, and creating a law dealing with humans who have been in the monster world.

In the war taking place after the barrier was breached, Ruit lost his left eye and left arm at the hands of Prince Suvillan. Lune, who fought by his side at the time, feels heavily responsible for this and blames herself for it, something that Ruit denies was her fault.



Lune is the "right hand" to Ruit, the closest of the guards to him, and the closest person to him in general. The pair is often pictured together in gallery illustrations and short comics, with Lune generally looking after Ruit's wellbeing, sometimes even reprimanding him over any wrongdoings. Lune seems to have accompanied Ruit for a long time, at least as early as during the decade of peace where she's seen standing by his side in the laboratory. Later, during the war of the barrier breach, Lune fought by Ruit's side against Suvillan.

Ruit holds Lune in high regard, and does not treat her in the way a servant would be treated. He values her opinions, and listens to her as a voice of reason. Ruit fears losing Lune, and has asked her to promise to "not be reckless" countless times when it comes to military matters and war.


Ruit is admired by Kaji to a degree, being one of the few humans who don't antagonize the fallen angel, or mistreat him for his lack of divinity. After Kaji fell to the human world and lost his halo, he was taken in by Ruit as a resident of the human world to live among the people of Icicle Bay. Ruit also granted Kaji control over the Sea Patrol, and a position to oversee the affairs of Icicle Bay and its surrounding islands. Ruit cares for Kaji's wellbeing, and worries about him quite a lot due to Kaji's isolated location in Icicle Bay. Ruit asks Lune to check on Kaji's state during the pursuit of Meimona and Nino, and even considers sending a large number of soldiers as backup to assist Kaji. Their relationship is positive overall.


Selene is the Royal Advisor to Ruit. Not much is known about their overall positive relationship, but Selene is often depicted teasing the prince or roping him into silly antics like wearing her merchandise. Ruit thinks highly of Selene's opinions and skills in dealing with people, granting her a position as his Royal Advisor and trusting her with the task of creating a suitable public image for himself. Selene is seen standing by Ruit's side when he announces the law against humans who have been to the monster world. Ruit is apparently a fan of Selene's work with Galactic Princess Selene, and uses her depiction of a "cool" character named Taiyou as a guide for how he should behave.

Prince Suvillan IV[]

Although direct interaction hasn't been shown between the two, it's observable that they are opposite to each other in many aspects. In their younger years as respective heirs to Suvillan III and Ruta, Suvillan was very timid over his position, while Ruit was aloof, uncaring, and rude. Some of the gallery images and short comics show Ruit antagonizing Suvillan during these teen years. Later, Ruit inherited the rule of the human world from his mother properly while it was still intact, while Suvillan had no such treatment from his father, and instead had to rebuild a "dead world" as his own with the help of Corona. It may be the case Ruit never had to work as hard as Suvillan did to earn his position as a prince, but both are still largely adored by the residents of their worlds.

The opposition between their parents as former monsterkind and humankind rulers is also present between Suvillan and Ruit themselves, and prominently enough that it is depicted in the monster world's propaganda posters. The two have directly faced each other in the barrier breach war, where Suvillan was aiming to assassinate Ruit who was assisted by Lune, and failed his attempt. While Suvillan is very hostile towards Ruit, it is unknown what Ruit currently thinks of Suvillan.


  • Ruit is another name for the rhombus, the geometric diamond shape.
  • Sapindale is an order of woody flowering plants, including but not limited to: maple, citrus, mahogany, cashews, frankincense, and myrrh.


  • Five associates Ruit with meadow-rues. In this page, the pillars behind him are decorated with what may be meadow-rues.
  • Ruit's birthday falls on the same day as Nights'.
  • Ruit is implied to have a party of his own similar to Nino's, composed of himself, Lune, Kaji, and Selene. His party is associated with the moon.
  • Nights has stated that Ruit has photosensitivity. As a result, pre-Divide, it was common for him and his entourage to bring parasols during outings.
  • Ruit seems to resemble the original human royalty the least compared to the 3 other rulers.
  • Even though he rules the technologically advanced human world, Ruit himself appears to struggle with modern technology, such as mobile phones.
  • Ruit is a pianist; he has a grand piano displayed in his personal office.
  • Ruit has a sweet-tooth, and dislikes bitter-tasting things, something noted to be childish and uncharacteristic for a royal.
  • Ruit is the first character with a given name of a geometric shape, the second being Lune.