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Roh Apus was the 5th ruler of the Winged Overwold during the time of the Unseen. Following his death, he later went on to become the closest servant of the Monarchy during the time of the Reformer.

Little else is currently known about him.


Notably, all of Roh's limbs are replaced with wings. Counting along with the wings on his back, he has a total of six wings. This is shown to be troublesome for Roh when it comes to simple daily tasks.

Roh's halo is a golden ring inlaid with a row of eyes across. These eyes are either somehow sentient, being able to look around and emote according to what Roh is feeling, or are controlled by Roh's own whims.


  • Roh is a name of Sanskrit origin meaning "rising sun" or "red horizon".
    • Roh is also a Gaelic male's name that alludes to a fighting and rebellious nature.
  • The constellation Apus represents a bird-of-paradise, and its name means "without feet" or "footless" in Greek, derived from the Greek word apous.


  • Roh's character design is heavily based off of biblical angels: his six wings and firey themes are reminiscent of a seraph, while his halo is a clear reference to the ophanim.