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Note: This article is about the winged. You might be looking for the monster.

Phoebe Capricorn is a winged who serves as one of the 12 Archangels of the Zodiac, assigned with the role of Deputy. She is second in rank among the Zodiac.

Her task is to serve as Archangel Kaisei's right hand.

Her given title is the Angel of Honor.


Pheobe has orange eyes with pink highlights, messy blonde hair of mid-back length, and pale skin. She has a white halo with four-pointed sparkle shapes around her legs and two white wings on her head. Her birthmark is located on her left calf.

She wears a long, slitted magenta dress with scale-like designs, long scalloped over-sleeves, and a boat neckline trimmed with black wool over black leggings. She also wears black body jewelry with gold gems, pink anklets, and pink heels with toes resembling cloven hooves. At times, she may also carry a pink scabbard for her rapier.


Within the Zodiac, she has mutual enmity with Cecil, and has a one-sided attachment with Asoriza.


  • Phoebe is the name of the Greek titan goddess of radiance.


  • Although Deputy is her primary role, she has a secondary role listed as "Knight".
  • She was the one to give various members of the Zodiac their current nicknames.