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Young corona.png
Young Corona in a nursing field, moments after being born.

The Nursing Fields are locations in the winged Overworld where countless thousands of newborn winged fall from the stars during the darkest hour of nighttime.

Due to the sheer number of superfluous winged children born each night, teams of winged called Collapsers roam the fields, killing any newborns not personally requested by winged society.

Because of this regular mass killing, the clouds of the Nursing Fields are soaked through and dripping with the blood of young winged.


  • The name is likely a reference to nebulae, which are often referred to as "stellar nurseries". In stellar nurseries, clouds of dust and gas condenses to form new baby stars.
  • The term 'Collapser' is likely a reference to when a star collapses into a black hole, thus marking the end of its lifespan.
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