Nino is the main character, and the first character to be introduced. He is an amnesiac human boy who is a little wary of monsters. He can't recall why he woke up in the forest, or how he got to the monster world from the human world at all. His ability is the Healing Hands, and chooses to fight with a sword.

Appearance Edit

Nino has short chestnut brown hair, which comes down to slightly spiky ends that poke out around the sides, and folds up to two hair intakes above his bangs. Atop his head is a single cowlick, always isolated from the rest of his hair, giving him a semi-chaotic semi-combed hairstyle overall. His eyes are blue, which he personally describes as "very clear blue eyes, as clear as the shimmering ocean itself." [1] His outfit consists of a green shirt with brown short sleeves and a brown high collar, and two belts atop it, one across his waist and one wrapped around his torso like a shoulder sash. He wears brown shorts over white tights, and brown boots covering up to his ankles.

His looks have been described as "positively noble" by Kaji. [2]

As a child [3], Nino's hair was more properly combed, and lacked the spiked ends he now has. He wore a white shirt with orange sleeves.

In the flashback he has to the orphanage in the human world [4], it is shown that he wore clothing resembling the children around him. It consisted of a baggy long sleeved white shirt, and a baggy pair of loose sky blue pants, which he was later shown changing from to his current outfit.

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