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"It would be nice if we all smiled together just once more, before it's too late."
— Nile, to Suvillan III[[src]]

Prince Nile Serpens was the 16th ruler of the Winged Overworld and the 11th to take the throne under the Serpent-Blooded Mandate. His reign ended with his death sometime around 4513, after which he was succeeded by Cleu Ophiuchus.

Little is currently known about him other than the fact that he apparently knew both Princess Ruta and Prince Suvillan III as children, and that he died not long after the beginning of the Decade of Peace between humans and monsters. He thought of the two races, along with the two rulers as children.


During his life, Nile is shown to be generally upbeat, friendly, and almost always smiling. On at least one occasion he has tried to get closer to the other rulers and their heirs, but his attempts were shot down. He seems to have had a good relationship and impression on his successor, Princess Cleu, who comforts Nile after his woes with Suvillan III and even imitates how he acts with the other rulers.

Although he lived a long life, he disliked being called an "old man" by Suvillan III.

As a winged, he perceived that humans and monsters "really grow up so fast". In his diary found in Icicle Bay Getaway, h states that he still saw Princess Ruta and Prince Suvillan III as innocent children even after they've become old enough to have children of their own. Due to that he tended to patronize the two frequently, much to Suvillan III's annoyance.


The short comic "A Right to Happiness" reveals a few things about Nile in his lifetime. He used to have a better relationship with the Princess Ruta and Prince Suvillan III during their childhoods, and he often called himself Suvillan III's "older brother" since Suvillan III was an only child, although Suvillan III did not return the same friendly sentiment to Nile as an adult.

Suvillan III also accused Nile of the crime of killing his own winged kind in the past for unknown reasons, and it is implied that he was assisted by the Zodiac in doing so. Nile seemingly disliked his role as a prince due to the position it put him in, stating that such rulers "must dictate who lives and dies".

In his diary, it is shown that he advocated for the formation of the peace treaty long before it came to be, although Princess Ruta didn't heed his advice prior. Despite the hints about his own bloody past, he wished for monsterkind and humankind to be on peaceful terms, and to never witness a war between Princess Ruta and Prince Suvillan III. He passed away soon after writing the diary entry, fulfilling his final wish in a bitter way as he died before the treaty breach war between Princess Ruta and Prince Suvillan III took place.


  • Nile is derived from the Irish name Neil, meaning 'champion.'
  • Like all winged, Nile takes his surname from the constellation he was born from, in this case Serpens, the snake.