Monsters are one of four main races in Oceanfalls, signified by the suit of spades and associated with the color red.

They are physically distinct from Humans and Winged due to their bright red eyes and the singular horn atop their heads.

As of current events, the people live under the rule of Prince Suvillan IV, with their territory covering a sizable swath of the Midworld, including but not limited to Red Tulip Town and the Forest of Illusions.

Racial Features Edit

Physical Aspects Edit

Monsters, unlike most other races, have a singular white horn protruding from the crown of the head. These horns can come in a variety of shapes, often being inherited from one or the other parent.

Their eye colors are composed entirely of various shades of red, ranging anywhere from bright red to a faded brandy color. They also appear to have a large variety of natural hair colors, including blue, green, and purple.

Interestingly, monsters can sometimes be born with prominent fangs, which can be surprisingly useful.

Hardening Edit

Monsters are able to either transform or harden parts of their bodies, causing the affected areas to turn black. Most commonly this is shown in the form of black claws, but can be applied to other parts of the body as well.

This hardening appears to be a somewhat instinctual response to a monster's emotions, though it can be evoked willingly if needed.

Interestingly, there appears to be a disease called claw decay which can be treated using the natural pigment of a red tulip.

Abilities Edit

It is stated in a random book found in the Red Tulip Town library as well as in the Rigmarole of Oshen that monsters develop more powerful abilities than humans, but weaker abilities than the winged. Like humans, monsters can only have one ability - that being said, apparently they "may push their abilities to the harshest boundaries and recover faster than any other race afterwards."

History Edit


After the war.

Long before the events of the comic, the first celestial Queen allowed monsters and humans to share the Midworld together, and split it into two halves. This ended in tragedy. The two races hold such a powerful hatred for each other, that they have warred on and on since their creation.

However, in the year 4513, thanks to a compromise between the late monster prince Suvillan Eious III and human princess Ruta Sapindale, a peace treaty between the two races was made for the first time in one hundred years.

For a decade, there was peace. During this time, monsters and humans were allowed to travel between each other's worlds, live in the company of the opposing race, and even cooperate in improving the welfare of the other nation.

Sadly this would not last, and the two races were thrown into a conflict so terrible, that not even the winged could intervene. A great war erupted between monsters and humans, that took the lives of many. The fighting was so great that, fearing for the stability of her people should she die, the Princess Ruta secretly passed the throne onto her son Ruit, in spite of the fact that he was not yet of age. Shortly after, she was killed at the hands of Suvillan III.

Only after the Lady Oshen murdered Prince Suvillan III was the strife brought to an end. With the last of her power, Oshen used her ability to create an impenetrable barrier between the monster and human worlds, as well as enveloping both worlds in a magical dome that separated them from the winged. Though she was successful, the warrior did not survive.

After the war, the monster world was left ravaged, and it looked like they would never recover. Unlike Princess Ruta, Prince Suvillan III did not pass the throne to his son before he died, so his kingdom was left unstable and fell to ruin as a result.

Their only salvation is credited to the ascension of their newest prince, Suvillan IV. Under his reign, the monster world was ushered into a new age. The monster world was rebuilt, and the new prince declared to his citizens that "You will not be harmed again." Any humans still trapped in the monster world were sentenced to death. The events of Oceanfalls take place a few years after this latest war, after the monster world has already been rebuilt, and most humans left on the monster side were subject to ritualistic slaughter.

Society Edit

Technology Edit

Though not overly shown, monster technology is notably behind that of humankind. This is to the point that Aria, having lived in the monster world her entire life, is utterly boggled by the human world's holographic projections and smartphones.

Individual MonstersEdit

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