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Mimas Sagittarius is a winged who serves as one of the 12 Archangels of the Zodiac, assigned with the duty of Star Former. He is sixth in rank among the Zodiac.

He and his coworker Marzipan encountered a newborn Corona Andromede 25 years ago on the 20th of Golden Land and attempted to kill her, only for Corona to overcome one or both of them in a fight. It is implied that at least one of them did not survive.

His given title is the Angel of Formation.


Mimas has orange eyes with black pupils and long eyelashes and long brown hair kept in a ponytail with a blue cross-shaped band. He has black wings and a lopsided periwinkle halo with two small shapes similar to the Sagittarius symbol looping around his shoulders. A downward-facing Sagittarius symbol is tattooed below his left eye.

He wears a pink shirt and pinkish-red knee-length shorts with suspenders over reddish-violet toeless leggings. He also wears a periwinkle scarf and carries a blue bow and arrow.


Within the Zodiac, he has a one-sided attachment with Marzipan, who in turn has a one-sided enmity with Mimas, which may be putting their work relationship in a rough spot.


  • Mimas is the name of one of the Gigantes, offspring of Gaia and Ouranos in Greek myth. It is said he was killed by Hephaestus during the Gigantomachy via missiles of molten metal from the Olympian forge.
  • Like all winged, Mimas takes his surname from the constellation he was born from, in this case Sagittarius, the archer.


  • Little is known about Mimas' duties. Due to his title however, it is speculated that he may play an important role in determining whether a winged child is better slated to be killed or kept alive, identifying those born of stray thoughts and destroying them accordingly.
  • While "Star Former" is his primary job, "Collapser" is listed as a secondary task.
  • A Zodiac doodle in the gallery (bottom) shows that Mimas is conscious about his stature, wishing to "grow one day" like Cecil.
  • Mimas posesses the same angelic title as Prince Nile.