Mermaids are one of the minor races in Oceanfalls. They are an aquatic people that have so far only been seen in the Human Kingdom, though it is unknown if others live in the Monster Kingdom as well.

Despite the appearance, they are wholly separate to humans and are better related to Seafolk.

They commonly live across all seas in the human world, though a higher concentration can be found in the sea of Glacialis, which is overseen by the mermaid spokeswoman Lacia.

Racial Features Edit

Mermaids have a very aquatic appearance, with fins on the backs of their calves and forearms, webbed fingers and toes, as well as movable finned ears. They also tend to have pale skin and extremely varied natural hair and eye colors.

Interestingly, mermaids also have very unique vocal chords similar to that of humans, making it easier for them to pick up and understand human language when compared to Seafolk. They may also naturally have hypnotic capabilities, though this is unconfirmed.

History Edit

Sometime in the past, mermaids used to prey on human sailors, using their voices to lure them and drive them to crash their ships on rocky shores. Now they peacefully live and work alongside humans, in addition to using their unique language capabilities to serve as intermediaries for understanding between humans and both aquatic races.

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