Meimona Corvus, or Mei for short, is a Winged living in the human town of Icicle Bay with her winged cat, Boyfriend. She cultivates her reputation as a wanted thief who plagues the town, and frequently runs afoul of the Sea Patrol as a result.

She is the third member of Nino's party.

Her stats are 4 in speed, 3 in mind, 5 in luck, and 1 in power.

Her given title is the Angel of Fortune, given to her by her mother.

Her divinity status is Waning.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Meimona has orange eyes, straight ginger hair which reaches her mid-back with bangs, light brown skin covered in freckles, black crow's wings, and a bright blue halo broken into a series of dots and lines. Her birthmark is located on her left forearm, though it is often obscured by her gloves.

She wears a sleeveless blue dress with a club-shaped backhole over mismatched pink toeless thigh-high socks (the right leg of which has orange stripes), a red bandana, a black belt with attached pockets, black knee-high boots, and pink elbow-length gloves with retractable claws. It is said by Nights that she chooses to put on whatever she wants without too much consideration as to how it looks.

History[edit | edit source]

Meimona used to live with a family consisting of an unknown adoptive mother and an unknown number of siblings. At some point, she left her home in the winged overworld with Boyfriend, and made her way to the human world.

Currently, she resides in Icicle Bay with Boyfriend.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

  • Meimona is a variation of the Arabic Maymunah, meaning 'lucky,' 'blessed,' or 'prosperous.'
  • Like all winged, Meimona takes her surname from the constellation she was born from, in this case Corvus, the crow.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • She's imagined by Nights to "have a British accenty way of talking".
  • She has claws if fighting unarmed, presumably to be used in combat.
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