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Marzipan Aries is a winged who serves as one of the 12 Archangels of the Zodiac, assigned with the duty of Undertaker. Her task is to oversee the work of Collapsers in the Nursing Fields. She is eleventh in rank among the Zodiac.

She and her coworker Mimas encountered a newborn Corona Andromede 25 years ago on the 20th of Golden Land and attempted to kill her, only for Corona to overcome one or both of them in a fight.

Her given title is the Angel of Death.


Marzipan has mocha-colored skin, bright reddish-orange eyes, and long messy chocolate brown hair threaded through with beads. She has fluffy cream-colored wings and an orange halo that curls in the shape of an 'H' towards the front. She normally wears a sleeveless cream dress with a high cowl-necked collar and woolen trim on edges of the skirt, brown toeless leggings, and brown elbow-length fingerless gloves emblazoned with the Aries symbol on the back. She commonly carries a shovel decorated with the Aries symbol as her weapon.

During her first appearance in-comic, her face was wrapped in a swath of bandages, leaving only her right eye exposed. A bloody smile stained the gauze covering her mouth. A few design notes seem to indicate that the sclera of her left eye was discolored under the bandages.


Within the Zodiac, she has a one-sided enmity with Mimas, who in turn has a one-sided attachment with her, which may be putting their work relationship in a rough spot


  • Marzipan is a sugary confection often made into sweets, or used to coat cakes and confectionary. Its etymology is rather unclear, and varies depending on the root language it derives from.
    • In Latin, martius panis means 'bread of March'
    • In Greek, mazza pan means 'pastry bread'
    • In Arabic, mawthābān (موثابان) means 'king who sits still'
      • It was originally used to describe Venetian coins depicting Christ the King. When the coins became obsolete, the containers they were kept in were later used to store sweetmeats.
    • In Persian, Marzban (مرزبان) means 'border guardian'
      • The Marzban were a class of military commanders in charge of the border provinces belonging to the Sassanid Empire between the 3rd and 7th centuries.


  • While "Undertaker" is Marzipan's primary job, "Collapser" is listed as a secondary task.
  • Marzipan is currently the shortest adult character in Oceanfalls.