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There are seven maids that work at Reds' Inn. Their names are Gula, Avaritia, Ira, Acedia, Invidia, Superbia, and Luxuria - Which are the seven sins in Latin.

They are locally notorious in Red Tulip Town for their great services. Notorious, because their "services" involve mugging their "customers". Nino was one such customer, having his lantern, Five's old flower crown, and the gift flower that he'd gotten for Aria all stolen from him. Along with the lantern he found on the ground.

Acedia is the only maid who doesn't participate in the muggings, instead she indirectly warns Nino not to visit the Inn in the first place.

Kotori mentions to Solis that the maids are old friends of hers, and they even help her treat the injuries she received from Nino, though not without asking for payment from Solis.