Captain Lune is a human who serves as the Head of the Royal Guard under Prince Ruit. Both she and the prince appear to be rather close, having fought in the Human and Monster War together.

She is first introduced in the human town of Icicle Bay, along with Kaji Pyxis, her subordinate. In stark contrast to her winged companion, Lune seems to be treated with quite a bit of respect by the residents of Icicle Bay, this is evident in her initial chat with the local jewelry trader. Even Kaji, who seems to have quite the distaste for humans, thinks that Lune is cool.

Most information about the Captain is currently shrouded in mystery. For some reason, Lune could only remain out on the field with Kaji for so long, before having to leave. Purple cracks (maybe veins?) began to appear on one of her gloves, as well as her face. It is not known why this happened, though it may have some sort of ties to her (currently unknown) ability.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

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