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Lunalleya Cancer is a winged who serves as one of the 12 Archangels of the Zodiac, assigned with the role of Caregiver. She is tenth in rank among the Zodiac.

Her given title is the Angel of Malady.


Lunalleya has pink-tinted skin, peach-colored eyes, rose pink hair pulled into two messy nurse's buns on the sides of her head, and two small markings shaped like a nine and a six under her eyes. She has white damselfly wings with markings shaped like the two halves of the Cancer symbol, as well as a rose-colored halo with two smaller rings attached to its sides, reminiscent of the Cancer symbol. Her birthmark is located over her sternum.

She wears a white sleeveless top with a square neckline and a pale pink cloth brooch on one side over a strapless rose pink dress with a pencil skirt. She also wears fingerless brown opera gloves, toeless brown leggings, brown platform shoes, a brown choker, and a white nurse's cap.


Within the Zodiac, she has a one-sided enmity with Nadine, and shares a mutual attachment with Tenbin.