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"But you see, master has taught you that loneliness is most unpleasant. Therefore, you will keep the lone one's company for the time being. Master will surely be proud. She has grown fond of this one, after all."
— Ludwig[[src]]

Ludwig Grim Von Phantomhound, or simply Ludwig, is some sort of ghost dog, and he is a good friend of Aria Elwyn.


As a pup Ludwig was found injured in the Forest of Illusions by a teenage Aria and Kotori. Taking pity on him, the two decided to take care of the ghost-dog, leading to his becoming Aria's pet.


  • According to Reed, Ludwig is a sort of creature often used as beasts of war by monsterkind and can be quite bloodthirsty, making Ludwig's friendly personality a unique anomaly.
  • Ludwig likes to be "a good boy".
  • Ludwig, along with Five, can only be hugged by friends, in contrast to Nino, who can be hugged by enemies as well.
  • For his brief time with Nino and Five alone, away from Aria, Nino apparently named Ludwig the same thing Aria did.
  • Ludwig loves the night.
  • Ludwig likes Aria's home, and the outskirts of Redtulip.
  • Ludwig gave Nino +3 diplomacy EXP and THE DOG WHISPERER! achievement.
  • Ludwig is a half-corporeal being.