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Latona A. Xayasith is a human best-selling author of children's stories. She is famous for her varied themes and depictions of humans, monsters, and winged in her writing, leading to her books becoming household staples in all three kingdoms.

However in spite her cheerful disposition, she suffered a breakdown in 4523, leading her to quit writing for good and retreat from the public eye.

Interestingly, she is one of the few humans to have met the Queen in person, supposedly to seek inspiration for her writing. In turn, she seems to have made an impression on the young Queen, who has since remained one of her biggest fans.


  • Latona is the Latin form of the Greek Leto, traditionally derived from the Lycian lada, meaning 'wife'. It may also be related to the Greek λήθη (lḗthē), "oblivion", or λωτός (lotus).
    • Leto is the Greek titan goddess of motherhood. She was the daughter of the titans Coeus and Phoebe, sister to Asteria. She is best known for the myth of her childrens' birth, wherein her daughter Artemis helped to deliver the latter's twin brother Apollo.