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Lady Oshen was the former Head of the Royal Guard as well as a highly respected military leader and noble of the Human Kingdom in the time of Princess Ruta. She held great influence in the affairs of the kingdom and was instrumental to the events of the Human-Monster War, being responsible for the death of Prince Suvillan III in addition to using her ability to create the impenetrable Barrier separating the two worlds.


Lady Oshen had very long wavy hair kept in a high ponytail. She wore a dark cape, a blouse, gloves, poofy pants, and over-the-knee boots. She is often depicted with a sword in hand.


  • The Lady first appeared in the Rigmarole of Oshen, a history book found in Red Tulip Library that happens to share her name. It is currently unknown if the two are connected or not.
  • The outfit that Lady Oshen is wearing appears highly similar to that of Lune. From this, it may be that this is the standard uniform of the human Royal Guard.
  • People wear their hair like hers because she is an inspiration to humanity.