Kaji Pyxis is a fallen winged that is first introduced in the human town of Icicle Bay.

He is the first winged introduced that does not have a halo of some kind. He fell from the winged overworld and lost his halo in the process, thus rendering his wings completely useless. It is unknown if this affects his abilities or not, as it is still unknown what he can do.

Appearance Edit

Kaji displays most traits common to winged, having slanted orange eyes with dark pupils and thick eyelines. He has a pair of small white wings from his back, which he is incapable of using for flight. He is almost always grinning widely, being described as having a "toothy wide smile". He has tan skin, and long orange hair, reaching to his hips. He styles his hair in two half side-tails, and wears it up in a high half-ponytail in the back, with the rest of it left falling freely. He uses cyan and red beads to hold up his hair, a common accessory for residents in Icicle Bay. His left eye is completely covered by his long side bangs. His work outfit consists of a very baggy long sleeved navy blue military uniform, the tips of its long sleeves almost completely cover his hands. He wears a red scarf around his neck, a red belt fastened around his waist, and a pair of dark blue pants tucked into brown knee-length army boots. On his left arm, he wears a cyan blue band with the insignia of the sea patrol, a white anchor. The back of his military uniform has a circular opening around where his wings protrude from his back, and two smaller openings for decoration under it, one shaped as a diamond and one shaped as a smaller circle.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Kaji was initially born from the collective request of the Queen and her entourage. Throughout his childhood he served as the young Queen's best friend and guide, being in charge of entertaining the young celestial, assisting her in her studies, retrieving her whenever she disappeared on her own, and maintaining order to their home on the moon.

One day, it appeared that the Queen had disappeared to the Midworld, and as usual Kaji was sent to retrieve her. However, after searching up and down the Human Kingdom (and possibly the Monster Kingdom afterwards) even with the use of his halo, Kaji could not find her.

Later, he was able to attend her coronation ceremony, wherein the Queen inherited her duties as keeper of the sun and moon and ruler of the worlds, but in some way began to doubt her abilities. For this, the Queen cast him down into the Human Kingdom; without memories, halo, and, with the newly-made Barrier blocking his path, no way to return even if he wanted to.

Life in the Human Kingdom Edit

Sometime after his banishment, Kaji was found by Prince Ruit, Selene, and Lune. The three then took the boy under their collective wing and eventually helped him get back on his feet.

Several months after he was cast out, Kaji founded the Sea Patrol with his friends Warty, Weddell, and Blackfin in order to keep the peace of the town of Icicle Bay. With his love of the sea, fluency of fishspeak and fishscript, as well as his empathy for seafolk, he quickly became popular with many of the town's aquatic residents, even if his brash attitude and failure to apprehend the winged thief plaguing the town has soured his reputation among the human populace.

Personality Edit

Kaji's thoughts, along with his previous conversation with the shopkeeper in Icicle Bay, shows that he has quite the bad reputation with the locals; being described as a wretch, fraud, useless, worthless louse, a disgrace of a being, etc. Despite this, he seems to hold up quite the confident countenance. He states that he does not like humans, and that he could count the number of them that he cared for on one hand. Kaji also states that he loves the sea, and that he is the head of the Sea Patrol.

Relationships Edit

Lune Edit

He seems to hold Captain Lune in high regard, thinking of her as "so coooool." Despite this, he also appears to be comfortable, or at least familiar enough around Lune to crack jokes, calling her "cap'n hotcakes" right to her face.

The Queen Edit

Kaji states that the queen was the entire reason for his existence. In the past, he was her friend and guide, but ended up abandoned and haloless in the human world for unknown reasons. His inability to recall the reasons for that plagues his mind, though he still struggles trying to force his memories back. As a result he developed an unhealthy habit of drinking, believing that it will help him recall the queen and his former life. His fixation on the queen seems to rule the back of his mind, as his room is full of paintings of her.

Trivia Edit

  • Kaji has a pet turtle, shown in {s} Icicle Bay Getaway, that he apparently takes very good care of.
  • In the hotel he stays in, the only flywers without wings are the ones in front of his room.
  • Pyxis, the constellation's name, is abbreviated from Pyxis Nautica, Latin for a mariner's compass. Kaji's halo was in the shape of a compass rose.
Note from box
  • The note discovered by Nino and Five inside of a box in the Forest of Illusions shows that it is possible Kaji has been to the monster world in the past, or at least, something that he has been in contact with has found its way there.
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