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Icicle Bay is an island in the Human Kingdom.

"Purple is graves yard! Pink is metros polis! Blue is princely! And red is no-no...Off limits!"

Kaji lives in Icicle Bay, and is in charge of maintaining the safety of its residents. The island's residents are plagued by Meimona, who has been a wanted local thief in Icicle Bay for some time.

It is the mirror of Red Tulip Town of the Monster World.


Southwest Docks[]

The first location Nino encounters. After finding Boyfriend and reaching the dock by boat, this is where he meets Meimona and is subsequently accosted by the Sea Patrol.

The dock is constructed in a T-shape with two mooring posts on either side tied by some light blue rope. On the north (right) side of the docks is a small storage space where the Sea Patrol stores their supplies. The doorway is notably too small for a person of average height to fit through.


The Tipsyfish.png

The Tipsyfish is an old-fashioned bar that Kaji has frequented since his early years in the town. Selene sometimes comes here as well when visiting Icicle Bay, and on one memorable occasion performed live. Several posters as well as her signature are mounted on the wall.

Other decorations include various political posters for the Prince's restoration effort, a foosball table, checkered placemats, and a variety of playing cards lying about.

The bar is run by a particularly avaricious barkeep who employs a tough-looking squid named Onyx as the bouncer. The bar also attempts to hire entertainment during the week, though the performances often end up being rather lame.

Lacia's House[]

Lacia's house.PNG

The home of the mermaid spokeswoman Lacia. Nino and Mei visit in an attempt to find ways to leave the island.

The house has a large bath, a cabinet with six drawers and a shelf which Lacia uses as a workspace, a vanity with a shell-shaped mirror, various pillars holding pearl-shaped lights, and a corner filled with artificial sand.

Kaji's Watchtower[]

Icicle bay watchtower.png

An old-fashioned metal watchtower that Kaji uses to survey the island. Kaji had removed the ladder leading up to the platform sometime before out of pride that he could climb up and down without the use of the ladder or his wings.


Published library.PNG

A large library housing a wealth of information about the human world's history. Meimona apparently used to spend the night here in secret, though is now disallowed from doing so. Here the two browse the books in an attempt to jog Nino's memory.

The library is divided into five sections: Historical (which is organized by generation), Biographies, Children's Books, Astrological, and Celestial Topics. It also hosts a large statue commemorating Lady Oshen, as well as a terrestrial discoid model depicting the Midworld and Overworld. Both the Celestial Topics section and the model Overworld have a noticeable lack of content and detail.

The librarian is a very strict and irate woman who used to be very nice in the past, until various troublesome incidents on the job hardened her into the person she is now.

Specific biographies found in the library include those of Princess Ruta, Prof. Zachery Lumen, Latona A. Xayasith, as well as some extracts from the diary of the late Prince Nile. It also contains a book about the Umbra clan and its history.

When not at work, the penguin staff of the Sleeping Stars regularly come by to brush up on their language skills.



Charmy is a small shop run by two sisters. It sells a wide variety of jewelry, precious stones, and other items at ridiculously high prices, some of which can be gotten for free elsewhere. Often their items are accompanied by various claims of mystic effects in order to rationalize the outrageous price tags and attract customers, though these are most likely false.

At the time the comic takes place, the shop had become the most recent victim of Meimona's thievery.


A desalination plant on the west side of town. Aside from the regular task of water purification, they also employ deep sea divers to investigate sunken wreckage from before the Great Flood. Kaji has evidently stopped by to visit a few times, as a piece of graffiti in his likeness adorns the staircase wall.

The plant has been noted to appear ill-prepared for a fire or explosion, and probably wouldn't last in a real fire.


Chillax spa.PNG

A large spa on the east side of town catering to humans, mermaids, and seafolk. Interestingly, it does not allow winged, possibly due in part to both Kaji's reputation and Meimona's criminal actions.

Sleeping Stars Inn[]

An inn with three floors run by an earnest family of penguins. Despite not being the best at their jobs, the penguins admittedly try their hardest. While visiting, Nino mentions that his experience at this inn is a marked improvement from that at another one. The penguins seem to jog Nino's memories a little for an unknown reason.

The inn has six rooms: the Winged Suite, Monster Suite, Human Suite, Soul Suite, Celestial Suite, and the staff room, each denoted by their respective symbols. The Soul Suite is notably reserved for VIP visitors. Above the doors to all the rooms except for the staff room and Soul Suite are paintings of each race's respective leaders.

Decorating the hotel are pictures of penguin birds, a map of the island, a large cartoon of Kaji, and various pots of golden flywers. Interestingly, the flywers outside the Celestial Suite lack wings and aren't in bloom.

The Celestial Suite[]

Kaji's room.PNG

Kaji's room at the inn. It has a king-sized bed, two nightstands with yellow lampshades, an art table with paints and posable reference models, a desk, a to-do list on a small blackboard, a side table on which the tank for Kaji's pet turtle rests, and a bathroom.

Scattered around the room are various easels containing unfinished paintings of the Queen. Even more adorn the walls. One particular painting shows Kaji as a child with the Queen and her entourage, and another shows the Sea Patrol. Two posters depict the sun and moon. On Kaji's worktable sits an empty picture frame, as if there was something he forgot to put inside.

Southwest IB Luna site[]

Icicle bay luna site.PNG

A strange platform-like structure that Kaji closed off. If the symbols from the map he made are any indication, it might be the opening to some underwater graveyard for mermaids and seafolk.

Northeast Docks[]

A set of docks on the northeast part of the island. A gangway is built on the right side.

Small Dog House[]

Icicle bay doghouse.PNG

​​​​​​​A white ball of fluff can be seen inside.