Humans are one of four main races in Oceanfalls, signified by the suit of diamonds and associated with the color blue.

They are physically distinct from Monsters and Winged by their noted lack of any fantastic features.

As of current events, the people live under the rule of Prince Ruit, with their territory covering roughly half of the Midworld.

Racial Features[edit | edit source]

It is stated in a random book found in the Red Tulip Town library as well as in the Rigmarole of Oshen that humans have the weakest natural abilities of all three races. There do seem to be some exceptions however, particularly in the case of the Umbra clan -- said to have unique abilities not seen in any of the other races -- and Lady Oshen, who created the barrier between the human and monster worlds, which has so far proven infallible in the face of all forceful attempts against it save for the powerful abilities of a winged.

In contrast to their shortcomings on the natural ability side, humans are considerably more advanced in the technological and artificial weapon department. Human structures seen throughout the comic are notably more "high tech" looking, than those belonging to the monsters (a few even appear to be reminiscent of skyscrapers). Humans also have anime, touch screen phones, and holograms while monsters notably do not.

History[edit | edit source]

After the war.

Long before the events of the comic, the first celestial queen allowed monsters and humans to share the Midworld together, and split it into two halves. This ended in tragedy. The two races hold such a powerful hatred for each other, that they have warred on and on since their creation.

However, in the year 4513, thanks to a compromise between the late monster prince Suvillan Eious III and human princess Ruta Sapindale, a peace treaty between the two races was made for the first time in one hundred years.

For a decade, there was peace. During this time, monsters and humans were allowed to travel between each other's worlds, live in the company of the opposing race, and even cooperate in improving the welfare of the other nation.

Sadly this would not last, and the two races were thrown into a conflict so terrible, that not even the winged could intervene. A great war erupted between monsters and humans, that took the lives of many. The fighting was so great that, fearing for the stability of her people should she die, the Princess Ruta secretly passed the throne onto her son Ruit, in spite of the fact that he was not yet of age. Shortly after, she was killed at the hands of Suvillan III.

Only after the Lady Oshen murdered Suvillan III was the strife brought to an end. With the last of her power, Oshen used her ability to create an impenetrable Barrier between the monster and human worlds, as well as enveloping both worlds in a magical dome that separated them from the winged. Though she was successful, the warrior did not survive.

Society[edit | edit source]

Page 728, introducing Icicle Bay.

Geography[edit | edit source]

From what we've seen so far, the human world is rather cold, and is covered in water. Years before, the human world presumably appeared similar to the monster world. However with the advent of the Great Flood, sea levels began to rise drastically, forcing many of the inhabitants to flee their homes and seek shelter on higher ground. Now the Human Kingdom is comprised of various cities and settlements on islands which were once the peaks of very high mountains.

The kingdom is divided into four seas: Terminus (the north sea), Regalis (the south sea), Justitia (the east sea), and Glacialis (the west sea). The town of Icicle Bay is located in Glacialis, and appears to be one of the closest human settlements to the Barrier.

The Royal Palace is located in the southern portion of the kingdom, and a large city (possibly the capital) appears to lie some way north of Icicle Bay. One of the seafolk describes it as a 'metros polis.'

Government[edit | edit source]

Like monsters and winged, human society is ruled by a singular Prince or Princess. When the current ruler dies, another candidate is swiftly chosen to take their place.

While not outright stated, it appears that there are a variety of noble families or clans that are involved in the high politics of the kingdoms. Each family is named after a classification of flowering plants, with each member having a specific form of coloboma, making their pupils diamond-shaped. Under the right circumstances, one of the members of these families may ascend to the throne, though it is unknown what those circumstances may be.

Interestingly, a traditional naming convention of these royal families appears to involve giving names that are somewhat similar to the word ruit, which refers to the diamond shape or gemstone.

Technology[edit | edit source]

Humans appear to be the most technologically advanced of the races, with advancements leaping far ahead that of monsters in only six years. Examples of human technology shown so far include holographic projections, touchscreen phones, and advanced prosthetic technology.

Individual Humans[edit | edit source]

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