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Five knows that home can be... friends too! Not just place! So... If Aria is happy with friends... then friends are Aria's home!

Five is a very young Monster who was rescued by Nino not too long after he woke up in the Forest of Illusions. She was found scared and alone, scratching at herself uncontrollably. She was saved by the power of Nino's Healing Hands. Five claims that her name was "assigned" to her, likely by the scientists in The Lab. Her current goal is to find a way to return home, which she seems to have fond memories of.


Five is a young child with a frail frame, likely due to her background as a sickly child. She displays traits common to monsters, such as bright red eyes, common pointed horn, and little sharp fangs visible whenever she shouts. She has pale skin and dark indigo blue hair styled in a short bob curving around her head. Her bangs fall messy and frame her face, giving her a very youthful appearance. She wore a purple one-piece dress that was ripped and torn around the edges, possibly from damaging herself during her "transformation". She also wore a flower crown made from five purple flowers, which was later replaced by a crown made of three yellow flowers by Nino.

Initially, when Nino found her during her "transformation", she looked grim and more beastly. Her hair looked muddy, and her arms and legs had entirely changed to black claws. She had inflicted many scratches and injuries on herself, which were healed up slowly and then completely by Nino's ability.

During her days in the lab, she wore a green hospital gown with green slippers, and had longer hair that was tied in two low twintails to the sides.

After meeting Aria, she now wears a poofy black dress formerly worn by Aria in her youth, along with a pair of black shoes and the same yellow flower crown that she got from Nino.

In her human disguise while Aria is using Beguile on her she has dark purple eyes with no horn, along with an oversized coat Aria formerly wore in the forest.


  • Five has extremely pale skin, almost paper white. This is a trait that she shares with Prince Suvillan.
  • Five has stated that "When unit is lost... Unit... Go back... To lab!... Lab... Is home!" This signifies the possibility of other "units" than Five.
  • All other units than 3 and possibly 5 have an X at the end here. This implies that 3 could be a possible factor in the world.
  • On the shelf, there are the flowers that were given to Five before she was banished.
  • Five has stated "...Prince... Make Friend... Banish... Five..."
  • She appears to be the first true breakthrough in the Lab's genetic research, though it is currently unknown what their true goal actually was. Five has commented that "Five... is... a failure... Five...transform... to be useful... Five... doesn't want... ...transformation..."
  • She has stated that her friends before Nino were "Big sis...Prince...Friend...And guard!"
  • Five likes to do anything fun that involves other people. For her, playing alone is boring.
  • Five, along with Ludwig, can only be hugged by friends, in contrast to Nino, who can be hugged by enemies as well.
  • The Queen seems to have taken an interest in her, and spared her, though the reasons for that are currently unknown.
  • Five thinks xylophones look fun. And cymbals. And triangles. And bells. whatever with ringing.
  • Five likes day and night equally.
  • Five, likes gardens. Especially ones with many flowers, they remind her of having fun with friends.
  • Nino healing Five gave him +1 diplomacy experience.
  • She was once ill to the point of needing a wheelchair in the lab flashbacks, Sis took her to a new home with her friends there afterwards, she was happy until after her birthday, she woke up with her home razed, she wandered for a while and found her friend who banished her under the prince's orders. What's interesting about this is that somewhere in between when Sis took her to her new home and when her home was razed, she recovered from needing a wheelchair, because her being able to stand happened before Nino met her and saved her with healing handsShe along with Five are implied to be unable to awaken an ability.
  • She along with Sis are implied to be unable to awaken an ability.