Corona Andromede is a Winged who serves as the Head of the Royal Guard and right hand of Prince Suvillan IV. She is implied to have some influence over the Monster Kingdom's military and was instrumental to the War of the Barrier's Breach.

Her given title is the Angel of Severance.

Appearance Edit

Corona has tan skin, bright orange half-lidded eyes, short brown hair, black bat wings, as well as a bent and twisted dark grey halo. She normally wears a brown sleeveless coat with a rhombus-shaped hole at the back for her wings and white accents over a sleeveless green turtleneck, a green sash around the waist, black shorts, gray leggings, black boots, as well as a pair of manacles with 16 chain links each that have been since reduced to two following {S} Decimate.

At the time of her birth, Corona wore a sleeveless teal shirt with yellow accents, black shorts, and brown toeless leggings. As a preteen, she wore a dark teal thin-strapped dress over black toeless leggings.

It is unknown where her birthmark is.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

In the year 4504, Corona descended from the stars and was found by a pair of collapsers in the Nursing Fields. As her existence was one of the unplanned, under normal circumstances this would have been the end of her life. However, using her strength she was able to fend off and possibly kill the two collapsers, thus securing her right to live.

Years later she was captured and tortured by an unknown winged who attempted to cut her wings off, though she was able to escape and flee to the Midworld just before the creation of the Barrier. There she was found by a battered Suvillan IV, Solis, and Kotori; who took her in and gave her her angelic title. The four became good friends from then on.

The Restoration Edit

In the aftermath of the last Human-Monster War, the Monster Kingdom was left leaderless and in ruin. However, with help from her endorsement, Suvillan IV was able to claim the throne as Prince and launch a large scale restoration effort which quickly allowed the monster world to get back on its feet. She then rose to become his right hand, and assisted in the tracking and killing of humans during the Human Extermination Period.

Barrier's Breach Edit

In the year 4526, Corona, at the behest of Prince Suvillan IV, used her abilities as Angel of Severance to breach the Barrier. With this the two waged a brief but brutal war against the humans with a mighty army at their backs. After intense fighting, the two eventually came face to face with Prince Ruit and his second-in-command, Lune.

Despite everything, however, the humans' might was too much. Their original goal of assassinating the human Prince could not be achieved, and in the end the monsters were forced to retreat. But the damage to the opposing kingdom had already been done. With many settlements razed to the ground and a great number of lives lost, the Human Kingdom had been dealt a mighty blow; one that they were still attempting to recover from three years later.

Personality Edit

Corona is a carefree and reckless person, who often shows no care for others' boundaries. She likes to enjoy whatever activity she does, and dislikes having no one to hang out with.

Etymology Edit

  • Corona is the Latin word for crown.
  • Like all winged, Corona takes her surname from the constellation she was born from, in this case Andromeda, the chained woman.

Observations Edit

  • From the time of her birth to her preteen years, Corona's halo was teal rather than black. This implies that the star Alpha Andromedae collapsed into a black hole sometime during her late teens to early adulthood.
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