Corona Andromede is a Winged who serves prince Suvillan as his right hand, and lives in the monster world. She is a carefree and reckless person, who often shows no care for others' boundaries. She likes to enjoy whatever activity she does, and dislikes having no one to hang out with.

As a Winged, she possibly has multiple abilities, but none have been stated yet. She was shown to be able to open raptures in the ground and close them up as she pleases in {S} Decimate. She is also fully capable of flight, since she has a fully intact halo unlike other winged, giving her very high mobility in movement. When talking to Suvillan, she calls herself "an angel of severance".

Appearance Edit

Corona displays all traits common to a fully divine Winged. She has a continuous and intact halo, albeit bent and twisted in different spots, giving it a unique look. She has a pair of batlike wings on her back, which she's perfectly able to use. She has orange eyes with long lashes and dark pupils, as other Winged do. Her eyes are normally half-lidded, giving her a bit of a naturally sleepy look. She has a dark complexion and short lower neck length brown hair, stopping right before her shoulders. Her hair comes down straight and curves outwards at the bottom. She has messy bands framing her face and eyes. She is the tallest female character yet, standing at 6'0, and has a bit of a well endowed figure. Her work outfit consists of a bright green turtleneck undershirt, with a brown sleeveless coat on top that wraps up to her mid-thigh. She wears a bright green sash affixed over the coat to keep it in place, and under it she wears black shorts, grey tights, and black mid-knee boots. The back of her shirt and coat has a rhombus shaped opening where her wings protrude from her back.

Before {S} Decimate, she used to wear a pair of distinctive long chains around each of her wrists, as a "reminder of her freedom".[1]

When she was younger, she wore a green one-piece cloth dress, and her halo looked straight without any dents in it.

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