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Princess Cleu Ophiuchus is the 17th ruler of the Winged Overworld, and the 12th to take the throne under the Serpent-Blooded Mandate. She is the current reigning winged ruler from 4513, preceded by Nile Serpens.

Her given title is the Angel of Oracles.


Cleu has orange eyes with black pupils and reddish-brown hair with a large green streak extending from the back of her head which splits off into three locks towards the front. She has large white wings and a green halo shaped like a crown of olive leaves. Her birthmark appears on her right cheek, in a similar way to the Eye of Horus.

She wears a greenish-gray sleeveless dress with a beige section and wavy mint green line across the chest, a pale yellow belt with an ornate bottle green fabric and a green club buckle, and bottle green toeless leggings with beige accents and ornamental white wings at the ankles. She also wears beige armbands, a beige bracelet, a green serpent choker, green dangling serpent earrings, and a green scarf in the shape of an open-mouthed snake. She often carries a large white caduceus with two black snakes on it.


  • Cleu is an alternate form of Cleo, it being a diminutive of Cleopatra. Cleo by itself means 'glory' or 'pride,' making Cleopatra 'glory of her father.'
  • Like all winged, Cleu takes her surname from the constellation she was born from, in this case, Ophiuchus, the serpent bearer.
    • One depiction of Ophiuchus common throughout ancient Greece was of Apollo's struggle with Python, the gigantic snake that guarded the Oracle of Delphi.


  • Nino describes her as being very pretty.
  • Cleu's birthmark does not include the full constellation of Ophiuchus. Rather, it only depicts Serpens Cauda, the serpent's tail.
  • Strangely enough, the two black snakes on her caduceus appear to be alive, and may even have the ability to detach from it altogether seeing as her painting in the Sleeping Stars Inn has her caduceus noticeably devoid of snakes.