Celestials are one of four main races in Oceanfalls, signified by the suit of hearts and associated with the color gold.

They are the most powerful of all races, though only one of their kind may exist at any given time. These individuals are tasked with presiding over the sun and moon, and reigning as king or queen of the Humans, Monsters, and Winged alike.

The current ruling celestial is the Queen.

Racial Features Edit

Physical Aspects Edit

Celestials have many traits similar to monsters and winged, with a singular horn protruding from the forehead, pairs of wings, and halos. Unlike winged however, celestials have four sets of wings whilst maintaining the use of their four limbs, their halos always occur as white hearts, and their horns are much longer than that of a monster.

The arms of celestials are commonly tattooed with ceremonial symbols, the most prominent of which being the sun and moon on the backs of their hands.

Abilities Edit

Being the most powerful of all races, celestials possess a variety of natural abilities shared by all members of their race. While not all have been seen as of yet, these abilities include memory alteration, imbuing individuals with a calming aura, and the ability to move the sun and moon.

Life Cycle Edit


The Liriodendron tree

The life cycle of a celestial is quite different from that of other races, although much about it is still unknown.

A young celestial is supposedly born from a bloom hanging from the branches of the moon's ancient Liriodendron tree. Each flower is unique, with its color specifically corresponding to the celestial birthed from it.

When a celestial dies, their flower wilts whilst still maintaining its vibrant color and the sepals fall off. Their bodies are then buried in the soil beneath the Liriodendron, giving life and nutrients to their ancient parent and the new celestials that will come after them.

History Edit

There have been ten celestial rulers of the worlds during the last four thousand years of recorded history, with each of the kings and queens documenting the events of their rule.

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