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The Bezimienna Piosenka (Polish: Nameless Song) is a book containing notes made by the Herald on the nature of souls. It is one of many books kept in the Grand Library on the Moon.

The book first made its appearance in {S} Shatter, during which the Queen is briefly shown to be reading it.

First Page[]

"The First Light bestowed a soul onto every being, and spoke of an unknown future:

"To shackle and tame you wit[h?] ---- ality to a harsh fate, I too must o ---- [t?]he same. So, one day, we will meet ag[ain] ---- [you?]r graves. Until then, live not as an ---- , force of nature, but as a soul wit[h] ---- al desire[."]

If you l ---- pain of pa ------------ then ---- [w?]ant to stay ---------- If w ---- what it means ----------- ll run away from ----------- why you live on the m[oon?] -------- [w]orldly desires. Being h -------- [s]ymbol of status, but a measu[re of?] ---- [p]rotection. Your heart is forged n[ot?] ---- out of love, my dear successor."

Second Page[]


Angels become Winged, Beasts become Monsters, and the Sun is now a Celestial who must look down upon arrogant Human Souls and deny them entry to utopia.

For you see, there is no land free of sin. Even a queen's soul remains yearning, unclean, full of desire.

That which had no soul had now become mortal. It is the fear of death that invites restraint in life, and thus, the lasting impurities of a soul have turned into fleeting beauty."