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Asoriza Scorpio is a winged who serves as one of the 12 Archangels of the Zodiac, assigned with the role of Disciplinarian. She is fifth in rank among the Zodiac.

Her given title is the Angel of Shackles.


Asoriza has reddish-orange eyes and dark skin, the latter of which has patches of white around her eyes. She has long reddish-grey hair with two silver streaks pulled into a high braid resembling a scorpion's tail, a scarlet halo shaped like a six with a hooked tail, and white dragonfly wings. Her birthmark is located on her torso.

She wears a scarlet high-necked shirt with puffy elbow-length sleeves decorated with a white scorpion's tail, black fingerless gloves, and several black leather straps. Asoriza also wears a grey pleated half-skirt over a shorter, slightly ripped black skirt and black toeless leggings.


Within the Zodiac, she is the target of a one-sided attachment by Phoebe, and has a one-sided enmity with the Gemini twins, Castor and Pollux.


  • Sasoriza (蠍座) is the name of the constellation Scorpio in Japanese.


  • Her ponytail is styled to resemble the tail of a scorpion.