Aria Elwyn is a supporting protagonist of Oceanfalls, and is the second member of Nino's party. She is a human girl that has lived in the world of monsters for years, with her pet "ghost-dog", named Ludwig Grimm von Phantomhound. Her ability is an illusory one called Mirage, which she uses to blend in with other monsters. Using said ability, she has made friends with some of the monsters in Red Tulip, such as Kotori. She is skilled in archery, as her weapon of choice at the start is a bow.

Appearance Edit

Aria has long wavy blonde hair, which is usually tied up in a high ponytail. She has deep blue eyes, framed by short bangs, with two long side locks framing either sides of her head. The side locks along with her ponytail fall down to wavy folds. Her clothing consists of a light purple sleeveless track suit, which she wears zipped over a short sleeved dark purple undershirt, and purple jean shorts worn over dark tights. Her shoes are purple with white collars. She also wears short purple gloves, most likely to protect her fingers when practicing archery.

When Aria uses her monster disguise, she appears exactly the same but with her eyes being bright red, and with a single horn atop her head.

As a child, she had shoulder length hair tied up in a wavy half-ponytail in the back, emulating her late mother's hairstyle. She wore a poofy dark dress, the same one she later gives to Five.

Around her early teens, when she first arrived in Red Tulip and befriended Kotori, she had a more youthful appearance. Her hair was mid-back length with a single half-ponytail, and two short wavy sidelocks. She wore a sleeveless light green dress, with teal patterns around its hems. Under it she wore black tights with light green buckle shoes.

After {S}: Decimate, she has had her hair untied from the usual ponytail.

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